FIP Postal Stationery Commissionn
This is a Czech website with links to 66 postal stationery
exhibits from all over the world. It is highly recommended.
The Postal Stationery Society
(United Kingdom)
United Postal Stationery Society
(United States of America)
Berliner Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein (Germany)
[Berlin Postal Stationery Collectors Society]
Unione Filatelisti Interofili – Italia
Society of collectors of postal stationery - Italy
Schweizerischer Ganzsachen-Sammler-Verein
Swiss Postal Stationery Collectors Society
L'Association des Collectionneurs d'Entiers Postaux
(French Association of Collectors of Postal Stationery)

A Society for all Postal Stationery Collectors

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